Jasmine O’Loughlin

Jasmine O’Loughlin

Jasmine O’Loughlin completed a Bachelor of Design at UNSW Art & Design with a focus on jewellery, textiles, and graphic design.

Known for an ability to intertwine design spanning jewellery, textiles, footwear, and art and design history, Jasmine O’Loughlin has been sought after by leading fashion designers for her ‘wearable art’ for almost a decade. Her distinctive pieces are a testament to her interests in nature, morality, and beauty and the ability to meld seemingly opposing elements together.  

Jasmine created a 35-piece jewellery range to accompany the apparel of Sydney fashion designer, Marnie Skillings. Presented at the Rosemount Australian Fashion Week in 2009, the O’Loughlin-Skillings collaboration was a showcase of muted glamour and understated sex appeal featuring expansive ‘leather as lace’ collars and powder coated chain necklaces and bracelets. From here, Jasmine worked with milliner, Suzy O’Rourke, to create a luxe collection of lace berets and face masks coated in 24ct gold.

Jasmine has worked with SPACE furniture and florists Ruby + Jules in Sydney to launch the MONO NO AWARE collection. The result was an installation of rare flowers, twigs, and moss that would bloom and die over the course of a week revealing sparkling rings and broaches designed as dried plants. At the same time Jasmine undertook these collaborations, she also founded and managed her own jewellery and accessories business called GALA Curious.

Jasmine’s wearable designs have featured in the publications such as Oyster, RUSSH, Rolling Stone, Vogue, Grazia, Cleo, and the ELLE UK website.  

After a 3-year stint in New York working with Marc Jacobs to design jewellery, watches and eyewear, Jasmine is now back in Sydney working freelance.