Julia Guo

Julia Guo


Julia Guo completed a Bachelor of Design.

Julia Guo had New York on her mind while still an undergraduate at UNSW Art & Design in Sydney. She saw it as an international city that promised infinite potential, especially to a creative practitioner. And so she prepared herself for the journey by undertaking a degree at UNSW Art & Design in the areas of graphics, digital design, and photography. 

Julia says her “calling is to be a matchmaker for Mr Brilliant Idea and Ms Beautiful Execution” and she’s doing so as an art director at leading NYC design and brand transformation company – Huge. Known for their success in business strategy, user experience design, brand & communications, content creation, data science and crm expertise, Huge has developed a unique approach that sees clients join their creative teams while work is conducted.   

It’s in this big-city environment where Julia has thrived. She’s documented the launch of TUNICA Magazine’s 5th issue. With headquarters in New York, and satellite offices in Barcelona, Paris, Seoul, Berlin, Mexico City, and Sao Paulo, TUNICA is dedicated to all things new and fantastic in international art. Julia has also curated the Soho segment of the The Designer’s Guide to New York, as part of the beautifully-designed online city guide portal, On The Grid