Lachlan Paull

Lachlan Paull


Lachlan Paull has completed a Bachelor of Media Arts at UNSW Art & Design.

Lachlan Paull calls himself an aspiring Sydney-based filmmaker. Over the four-year duration of his Bachelor of Media Arts degree at UNSW Art & Design, he accrued the bulk of the skills that will aid him in this pursuit. In his time as a student, he’s produced a selection of short films that demonstrate the type of filmmaker he’ll be. His works are distinct, stylish, and well-paced. They also show a sound mastery of a variety of filmmaking techniques in the delivery of stories that reflect a spectrum of human experience.  

Lachlan's six short films on Vimeo all establish and control unique emotional tones through sound and imagery. His experimental film, Flux, examines the changing nature of light and the movements of people in and around Sydney. It’s set to a beat-oriented ambient dub sound that accentuates the sequenced time-lapse of shadows, haze, light, and human activity. His short film, Elegy, depicts one man’s journey towards suicide. Wide screen shots of wet streets, scrub land, and cliffs are posed against close-ups of bus interiors, the young man’s face, a brief case, a muddy path, and a rope. This time the soundtrack is composed of thunder, instrumentals, and a female voice reciting a poem.  And his short video, The Argument, explores the nature of human frustration and anger. Less than two minutes in duration, it’s a studied work about pent-up emotion, hostility, and blame reinforced by the sounds of loud voice echoes and fast moving freight trains.  

Lachlan recently created something lengthy and new. He’s made a 30-minute documentary about record collecting, interviewing people young and old who have found themselves at different stages of life pulled into the world of listening to and collecting vinyl. Lachlan himself did not grow up with a record player and it was only recently when friends suggested he buy one that he began to explore the record industry and the people who populate it. The result is an intimate series of vignettes filmed in people’s homes and places of work wherein they talk about when and why they took up collecting and how they organize and what they enjoy most about their ever-increasing bounties.