Liane Rossler

Liane Rossler

Across all her work as an artist, designer, curator, and creative advisor, Liane Rossler has a focus on the environment: sustainability, innovation, beauty, and creating works that support and enhance their eco-system while often drawing on nature for design inspiration.

Rossler regularly curates art events, exhibitions, talks, and festivals, as well as consulting on cultural initiatives. She is excited about supporting experimental approaches and adamant about employing ethical practices. In 2013, Rossler curated ‘HERE AND NOW’ at Carriageworks in Sydney, an artist-driven and experimental series of projects containing new commissions and limited edition works by 17 Australian artists and designers.

From 1985 to 2010 Liane was co-founder, designer, and director of Dinosaur Designs.

Since 2010, Rossler has had her work exhibited in over 30 exhibitions both as a solo artist and with Supercyclers, an ever-expanding collection of international designers with an eye on sustainability in Amsterdam, Milan, Brussels, London, New Zealand, and across Australia Liane Rossler is the founder of Superlocalstudio, a space working on sustainable and considered design practice, engaging with art, culture, and the environment. Liane has a Bachelor of Visual Arts and a Graduate Diploma of Professional Art Studies from UNSW Art & Design.