Lilian Hambling

Lilian Hambling

Lilian Hambling has completed a Bachelor of Design at UNSW Art & Design.

Over her four years of study at UNSW Art & Design, Lilian focused her skills-development in the areas of jewellery design, graphics, textile and fashion design, photography, and video production. This broad suite of abilities has ensured that she is able to address design briefs from a range of angles and deliver holistic solutions in print, online, and through objects and wearables. 

Her aesthetics are notably pared-back yet deeply considered. Take for example her branding design solution done as a freelancer for Manly company Barefoot Coffee Traders. Working with a primarily coffee-bean brown palette, Lilian’s developed a typeface-based logo encased in a brown ring. From this she’s created the designs for menus, letterhead, envelopes, company t-shirts, takeaway cups, business cards, and promotional visuals.

Lilian’s design talent has been employed by a host of fashion and graphic design companies including Cohen et Sabine, Soulmates, Hijinx Creative, Fauna Productions, and Sydney photographer Moana Barroso.     

For the ANNUAL 2016 graduating exhibition - Designing Bring Futures - held at the Australian Design Centre, Lilian showcased an innovative and interactive textile design, E-motion, created as an investigation into the uses of wearable technology. Intrigued with the concept of non-verbal communication, particularly that of human males, Lilian developed a suit of clothing that signals through a gridded lighting display the physiological state of the wearer’s body. The garments operate on the use of sensors, detecting changes in pulse and body temperature and conveying the changing emotional state of the wearer. Lilian explains that by enabling “men to be more openly expressive, the stereotypical expectations of masculinity can change; instead of hiding them away, feelings – such as love, anger, fear, and sadness -  can be displayed as interactive gestures.”

Lilian won several awards for her innovative 'e-motion' designs, including the 2017 Young Design of the Year Award (a national design award presented by RØDE Microphones) and a Golden Panda award at the 4th Chengdu Creativity and Design week for her 'e-motion' jacket.