Melanie Shin

Melanie Shin

Melanie Shin completed a Bachelor of Media Arts at UNSW Art & Design.

She is currently working as a key character animator at Flying Bark Studios.

Her places of work, clients and awards to date:

  • SBC Holdings
  • Charles Sturt University
  • Hackett Films
  • In the Thicket
  • Planet Edupia
  • Nickelodeon
  • Flying Bark Studios

For her university study, Melanie chose UNSW Art & Design, specifically the Media Arts degree, which would allow her to expand her technical and creative expertise with 2D animatics, stop-motion, dynamic frame-by-frame action sequences, and 3D modelling. She’s used this skill set to develop original works, fan works, and digital art commissions   

Throughout her four years of university study, Melanie continued to work on projects such as anthropomorphic character designs and advertisements for the UNSW Pokémon Society. She’s also worked professionally with Graphics Designer and Illustrator, Craig Elliot, with whom she refined her technical skills and ability to work in a crew on the production of a series of short animations.  

Melanie says her passion for creativity and art are ever-increasing. 

Melanie exhibited her light-hearted animation, I’m not a very good bird, as part of the A&D ANNUAL 2016 graduating exhibition.