Pauline Brilliana Appiah

Pauline Brilliana Appiah

Pauline Brilliana Appiah completed a Bachelor of Media Arts.

Pauline says upfront, “I chose to study in a creative field because I only had the desire to work in a field I enjoy”. For her, the thing that distinguishes a creative degree from any other is the ability of the individual to think and create something wholly new. Pauline says that study at UNSW Art & Design drives the emerging practitioner to push him or herself. This was certainly her experience. While undertaking a Bachelor of Media Arts, Pauline explored the disciplines of video, sound, interactive media and 2D & 3D animation. The core of the degree is both studio-based and theoretical, so Pauline was able to examine historical and conceptual themes and various media that would best bring her ideas to life.

Pauline recalls vividly spending hours in the animation and recording studios to ensure her projects had a creative edge. Senior Lecturer, Steve Weymouth, describes Pauline as a “talented and hard-working student and I predict she will continue to attract job opportunities in the film and television industry”.

Having recently graduated, Pauline now works in design and moving graphics at broadcaster Channel 9, and in her spare time is developing an independent animation due for release in 2015. Not one for staying in the same place too long, Pauline has plans to enter the US film industry within the next five years.