Samuel Jaramillo

Samuel Jaramillo

Samuel Jaramillo is a Bachelor of Media Arts graduate from UNSW Art & Design. 

Sydney-based graphic designer and illustrator, Samuel Jaramillo, says he views “branding and iconography as fundamental structures in effective visual communication, and I am always interested in exploring how these conventions can be challenged.”

Samuel’s unique approach to these design practice basics is one of the factors that helped him win the 2016 design competition for the A&D ANNUAL graduating exhibition. He made the logo for the exhibition, which consists of the letter ‘A’, and a suite of complimentary visual branding and design elements. Samuel’s winning design package presented UNSW's Art & Design faculty with contemporary, upbeat, and crisp visuals. Each letter in the word 'ANNUAL' was re-imagined as a simplified 3D grey-scale building, punctuated with internal yellow lighting and a bold gold background strip.

Samuel says he directly referenced some of the historic architecture on UNSW's A&D Paddington campus in his winning designs; a place he believes provides the starting blocks from which “emerging creatives” can develop their design knowledge, skills and creativity before embarking on the world of professional practice. He also says he wanted to celebrate the significant accomplishments of all graduating students in the 2016 exhibitions and screenings; “I want the logo to be an invitation to participate and celebrate creativity, therefore the 'A' as a building creates a visual relationship between the event and the institution."

Samuel has also created murals, posters, and visual identities for clients including James Hardie, Word Travels, and the Stencil Art Prize.