Tom Phillipson

Tom Phillipson

Tom Phillipson completed a Bachelor of Digital Media (now Media Arts) at UNSW Art & Design.

Tom Phillipson is a recognised name in the international world of sound and live performance. He's a video editor, VJ, and musician living and working in Berlin. He’s been able to fund his movements through talent and hard work. He’s known as one of Sydney’s most dynamic sound artists and producers and received the support of the Australia Council with grants that furthered his career and enabled exploration of sound, video clip, and motion graphic production. 

Since his relocation to Germany, Tom has established a production studio at Stattbad Wedding called Auto64. In addition to an active exhibition schedule across Germany, he’s produced video clips for Dominik Eulberg (German electronic music artist), Piemont (German techno music partnership made up of long time friends Fredric and Chris), Sacha Robotti (Italian-German musician and solo producer), Noah Pred (Canadian techno DJ), Emerson Todd (New Zealand house/techno sound artist based in Berlin) and Deepchild (Australian producer, DJ and live-performer based in Berlin). 

In his spare time, Tom plays in Berlin clubs and festivals including Tresor, Week End, Gretchen, Cookies, Ritter Butzke, and Asphalt.