Tommy Cehak

Tommy Cehak

Tommy Cehak completed a Bachelor of Design at UNSW Art & Design with a special interest in a broad array of design fields and media including; product design, graphic design, environment design, ceramics and jewellery.

Currently, Tommy is Senior Art Director at DDB, having previously worked at Sydney-based design agency Royals. Tommy is no stranger to developing and delivering compelling advertising campaigns. His role demands a thorough understanding of communication, interactive, and concept design, as well as art directing and copy writing. His creative vision and team management skills has lead to industry recognition.

In 2016, Tommy won four awards for his electric Tiger Beer commercial entitled, Wok. Featuring a flaming bathtub, crowded city streets, a shirtless drummer in a red room, and a baritone voiceover of “This ain’t no pan handler’s pan. This dear friend is a keeper of secrets – a maker of men…” Wok is an immediately arresting and immersive experience.   

Before Wok, and while working as an Art Director at another major Australian design agency, Droga5, Tommy created the triple award-winning ad campaign for Dry Dock, Dangerous Creatures and Dangerous Debris. Rendered in a flattened illustrative mode reminiscent of period British Museum scientific drawings, Dangerous Creatures showcases anatomically accurate killers of the deep – including polar bears, sharks, squids, sea spiders, and even an extinct Plesiosaur - amassed on darkened background while a six-pack of Dry Dock sits safely on a raised pier. The twin illustration, Dangerous Debris, used a similar illustrative reference, but in this ad the deadlies of the sea are man-made, including medical waste, oil spills, submarines, tires, and mines.

Tommy has won more than a dozen awards for his creative contribution to advertising campaigns since he began working in the industry in 2010. Other clients of Tommy’s include corporations, brands and cultural institutions such as UNICEF, Qantas Loyalty, Qantas, AGNSW, Woolworths, GSK, Coca Cola, and Kraft.