Yudi Tukiaty

Yudi Tukiaty


Yudi Tukiaty completed a Master of Digital Media (now known as a Master of Art).

With a driving interest in online communication patterns and behaviours, Yudi Tukiaty travelled to Australia to undertake an undergraduate degree in Computer Science at UNSW, followed by a Master Degree in Digital Media (from UNSW Art & Design). Following completion of his postgraduate studies in 2008, Yudi stayed in Australia for work experience opportunities. He found them at modus corporation, a Sydney-based company specialising in advertising and marketing, where he worked as a web developer and Flash designer. He then expanded his expertise, at Green Pages as a web developer and programmer and at geekdom as a software engineer.

Yudi has since returned to his homeland of Indonesia armed with two degrees, professional experience, and the aim of founding and running a successful digital strategy and marketing company – he says it is the company “with the largest social media reach in the country”.

So far he’s established two companies: Next Digital Indonesia and Buzzhero. Next Digital Indonesia is a digital marketing agency providing consulting, research, strategies and solutions to companies wishing to boost their brand and increase online sales. Buzzhero is a self-service platform that enables users to register and promote themselves through an active Buzz network, which feeds from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.   

Yudi's two companies have attracted interest from clients and advertisers including one of Indonesia’s largest secure internet banking systems, bank bjb; Fuji Xerox’s exclusive Indonesian distributor, astragraphia; the international cargo operations company, CSL; the electronics supply chain, Electronic City; EPSON; Mecure Hotels; Indonesia’s largest internet forum, KASKUS; the energy drink, M-150; the Indonesian communications and technology company, Metrodata; the Indonesian property development company, Summarecon; and the Indonesian smartphone electronics giant, ZTE.