I'm Aadesh Kanda a creative Animator and Visual Effect Artist with one year of experience in the media arts field. Passionate about developing characters that bring stories to life and delivering seamlessly integrated, high-quality effects for movies, film and advertising. Proficient in Autodesk Maya, Nuke, Substance Painter, and Adobe Creative Suite. Moreover, focused on completing projects with accuracy and artistic skill.

Artwork Title: Re-Life

"Re-Life"- The project started with an idea to show “how covid-19 has impacted people’s lives physically, mentally, socially and in future “New Normal” will be even more tech-driven and provide much more significant challenges”. The film revolves around the plot “Future where human society is transformed by harsh biological realities and civilisation has shrunk to a few scattered, encapsulated communities clinging to the memory of greatness after the pandemic COVID-19 and humans’ consciousness has been trapped in a cheap mechanical body,” due to the aforementioned reasons. Focuses on how, following the Covid-19 outbreak, humanity can once more become slaves to manufactured objects like artificial intelligence. In order to convey the harshness of machines towards nature, the design concepts juxtapose the situations of the machines and their surroundings.

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