Abigail Zhang (she/they) is a Chinese artist working on unceded Gadigal land. Working primarily with moving image, sound, and photography, she explores the intersection between gender, intimate relationship, and East Asian culture. She likes dreaming in sleep, but keeps her eyes open and writes stories for Now and Here, as always.

Artwork Title: George Street

I had been studying remotely, facing a square table and square screens for longer than I ever expected. So I travelled, almost greedily, back and forth to the street with familiar skyscrapers and unfamiliar faces when I got a chance. I wanted to explore, I wanted to talk, and I knew I would regret it if I could not record more.

Artwork Title: Mother

Why wouldn't a woman who has given birth be related to sex anymore? I have no answer to this, but the detachment in between keeps me asking. To my mother, a lively, cutie, and charming woman.

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