Hi there! My name's Aidan and I'm a multi-disciplinary media artist from Western Sydney. I specialise in video editing, 3D visualisation, and graphic design, and have been self-taught since 2016.


In a distant dystopic future, planet Earth is rendered uninhabitable after being ravaged by severe dust storms. After the extinction of the entire population, humanity’s last hope is now floating through space in search of a new planet to call home. Sitting alone in his spacecraft, our hero uses a camera to reminisce on his final moments. 
Tasked with creating a 2D or 3D sequence showcasing the principles of animation in DART1210, I opted to create a piece that used animation as well as a juxtaposition between low-poly and hyper-realistic models as a means of depicting separation and the loneliness that  the human spirit can endure. 
My animation uses Porter Robinson’s “Goodbye to a World” as it’s soundtrack, a song written whilst violent thunderstorms ravaged the artists hometown. With Robinson describing the meaning of the song as “a beautiful world kind of disappearing in a clean, natural way.”