Hello there, I’m Andrew Huynh, a first year Media Arts student interested in everything filmmaking, from VFX to animation. I am a passionate storyteller with a curiosity for emerging technologies and how it can be used to enhance storytelling. The medium of media has allowed me to explore and tell many different stories in many unique forms and styles.

Artwork Title: Unconscious Dream

To define ‘Unconscious Dream’, we can use the definition of unconscious to help further explore the meaning of dream. Unconscious can be used to describe an unresponsive person, or a decision/action made by a person without realising it. From this, dreams can be seen as an unconscious decision since most dreams come and go during our sleep without our awareness. The amount of control one has over their dream varies with many conditions, such as their most recent thoughts, experiences, emotion, tiredness, etc. The complexity and quality of the story in our dreams also varies unconsciously from complex to simple or even no story, and sometimes the number of dreams we experience in one night can also vary from one long dream to many consecutive different dreams. This project explores the world of an 'Unconscious Dream' and allows us to observe it with a conscious mind.

Artwork Title: Mad Racket

‘Mad Racket’ can be divided into two parts, mad which is defined as mentally ill, and racket – a loud unpleasant noise. Mad can also be defined informally as enthusiastic about something, making mad racket an excitement about noise. Hence mad racket can be understood from a different perspective. From a certain point of view, an individual playing and enjoying loud music is a positive mad racket for one but a negative mad racket for another. Mad racket is dependent on the context of the racket and the perspective it is view from. Through this project, there are 3 characters with 3 different perspectives. Each character experiences racket in a different way, with one of the characters experiencing both sides of the mad racket.

Artwork Title: Late

Time made: 08/2021

Medium and Length: Short Film 1:20 min

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