A Bachelor of Computer Science/Media Arts student (who will scrub YouTube videos for moments of mind-blowing animation) keen on telling untold stories embedded within the cracks of rundown apartment buildings and buried beneath garden soil. By combining both technical and creative disciplines, I hope to portray these stories in unique and fascinating ways which evoke the imagination of audiences and encourage them to be curious about the world them, no matter how mundane.

Artwork Title: Azula Practising Kata

The animation of Azula from Nickelodeon’s Avatar: The Last Airbender is a reimagination of Xue Wang’s winning performance in the 14th World Wushu Championship for Chang Quan, a type of martial arts that inspired the character’s original fighting style in the animation series. From serene crouch to a wide, strong stance, she is shadow fighting her enemies in her training days.

Credits: Character modelled and rigged by BuiltByColossus. Animated in Maya Autodesk 2020

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