Hi, my name is Emily Sida, a first-year student studying the bachelor of media arts at UNSW, and I love creating. I think I have always had a deep passion in showing the quirks in my works while trying to include a meaningful message in them, which I hope are evident :D. Furthermore, currently, my areas of interest strongly lies in 3D modelling, 2D animation, visual effects, motion graphics, and I am very determined to develop my artistic style, and create works that can be inspiring to many in the future.

Artwork Title: Memphis RadiO'clock

This work is heavily influenced, revolving around the Memphis style of design, with having twists of my own quirks into the object.  I have integrated some defining features of Memphis , which includes the extravagant mix of bold patterns, wild amalgamation of shapes, and loud popping colours,  to amplify the Memphis' notion of "Look over function". Furthermore, One of my proudest creative takes in response to the prompt was through creating a of a 360-degree rotation feature to it by altering and combining the 'Memphis' playful geometrical shapes together into an eye-catching object. Just a reminder! it also has a clock, hence the name RadiO'Clock!

Artwork Title: Kon

Medium: clay, paint, chalk powder, cardboard, photoshop, stop-motion mobile app 

Rationale: The story behind this claymation short portrays an exaggeration of letting one learn one of the most important life lessons of 'knowing your boundaries', the hard way. In detail, it is first illustrated through the mischievous and nosy character's trait in his decision of opening the 'secret' bottle ( which symbolizes real-life problems that are not ours to worry about/ forbidden), which eventually, leads him toward receiving a 'consequence', which in this case is an exaggeration of melting down into the underworld.

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