Hi, I'm Lana Lusina. I'm a media arts student in my 2nd year, registered mental health nurse and artist, currently loving and exploring painting, moving image, sound, animation, and performance. With a fascination for people and the mind for as long as I can remember, my drive for creating comes from the desire to explore the complexities and wonders of human nature and experience, emphasise the raw beauty of human to human connections, and explore the cyclical and at times volatile nature of life.

Artwork Title: Starring Baba's Hands

A moving image work exploring the individual perception of the present moment through the juxtaposition of deafening constraint and tranquil freedom. An individual’s current reality can at times become a deafening tunnel vision on one idea, thought, or experience to the point of being overwhelmingly dominant, filtering out everything else around them. This can serve as both, a positive and a negative to their current experience.

Artwork Title: Hold my hand yesterday

A short moving image work exploring the cyclical nature of human life through stop-motion animation, a time inspired audio piece and a time lapse of a morph-painting. The audio work was created first.

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