I am a 21 year old artist with my heart set on concept art. I take inspiration from everywhere: the music I listen to, the shows I watch, the exciting and the mundane experiences of everyday life. As an avid member of the online community, I am passionate about the cycle of inspiration, immersion and exchange between ideas among all enjoyers of story. Beyond the story itself, I love the process of development, the investment in characters, the ideas that ensue from a published work. My art is as much a part of my life as eating and sleeping, and a medium through which I strive to share my heart.

Artwork Title: Concepts for Story

This suite is a collection of works for the development of a story set in a modern day Pangea, where once every few generations 8 people around the world are born with elemental powers.

My goal for this project was to build an immersive world by conveying much of the familiar alongside fragments of the unknown in an aesthetic style. In this portfolio, you will notice that I have included iterations and research building up to my final stills and character turnaround. One thing this project has taught me is the importance of the design process, rather than just using methods to achieve a finalised aesthetic seen across finished pieces. By including these, I aim to bring the audience deeper into the concept, giving them more context while also leaving generous room for their imaginations.

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