I am a young Asian-Australian interdisciplinary creative, ethnically Chinese, culturally Chinese-Indonesian-Australian, working on Gadigal Land. Focusing mainly on graphics, experiential spatial design (set design, exhibition curation, staging) and animation, my works mainly focus on abstract notions of cultural identity, belonging and philosophical theories. Other times, I just like having fun.

Artwork Title: Eyes on Me

"Eyes on Me" was my first (of many to come I hope) frame-by-frame animation - of any animation really (excluding some sick PowerPoint animation and transitions of course).

Being my entry point, I looked back at the animations and cartoons a thoroughly enjoyed as a kid - their styles, tropes, iconic sequences.

Eyeballs shooting out of eyesockets, the PowerPuff Girls title sequence - couple those with a sick song from my good friend Angelo Gray - you get a little animation for his song "Eyes on Me".