My name is Yanran Gu. My inspirations are always come from life by using camera to seize memories, so hope my artworks can help you get a miniature of my hometown city and life attitude.

Artwork Title: Summer Diary

The summer is recorded from the start to the end through multiple shots, much like a diary. The filters bring out the colors' richness and a great sense of nostalgia. The whole video is divided into four main parts. The first part is the beginning of the summer, and the sound of a train starting up can be heard at the beginning of the video indicating that the summer has come. The second part is the rainstorm weather that happens frequently during the summertime, which ends in the summer heat. The third part is about the sweltering heat of summer, so let's make a juice soda! The fourth part is the end of summer, the wilting of roses and the burning of candles in remembrance. Goodbye, Summer!

Artwork Title: Drowning in reality

Drowning in reality is a work inspired by life. This is an art installation that combines a paper model and a projector. The concept of this work is based on the idea that living under pressure is similar to living underwater without being able to breathe. The aim of making this piece is to give the viewer a different perspective on life. This work allows the viewer to experience life underwater and gives them something different to think about.

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