I am interested in 3D visualisation and story-telling. I hope my works communicate sentiments, imaginations and untold stories that offer a little more thrill to the ordinary life.

Artwork Title: Dreamscapes

Dreamscapes is a hyper-realism constructed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. It can be perceived as a form of escapist fantasy where momentarily the viewer is extracted from reality or a confronting experience that aggravates existing anxiety, solely dependent on viewer’s individual interpretations. Dreamscapes was inspired by dreams that were collected through an online survey, communicated in the form of written text and quick sketches. Each dream belonged to a different age group of diverse identities, aiming to include as multitudinous responses as possible. The selected five dreams were reinterpreted and analysed according to the journal article - Stuck in a lockdown: Dreams, bad dreams, nightmares, and their relationship to stress, depression, and anxiety during the COVID-19 pandemic (2021). Dreamscapes avoids assertion on labelling the dream as either good or bad, but provides a platform for viewers to compare and seek connections with their own experiences. By doing so, I hope Dreamscapes marks an milestone of the battle against the COVID pandemic and encourage everyone to reconcile with the past.

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