Artwork Title: Frog

Hello, World reflects the feeling of finding something that I should be accustomed to, bizarre and new. Every time I moved, I encountered a lot of unfamiliar things, such as language, cultures and traditions, geography, and lifestyle. As I was trying to navigate through my new life, I found it ironic that what was supposed to be ordinary, like walking into a convenience store or commuting to school, became unordinary to me. However, I do not always see this experience as scary or depressing, but rather intriguing. The wonders of the unknown resulted in my fascination with fantasy and surrealism.

hello world artwork
hello world artwork
hello world artwork

My name is Natasha. I am a digital artist based in Australia who fell in love with the concept of surrealism and fantasy. Growing up, I find it difficult to express my emotions and feelings in words and resorted to using artwork as my means of communication. Working with 3D visualisation and animation, I explore ways in which digital media can become a non-didactic, multifaceted tool that can reflect one’s subconsciousness. I also have a special interest in environmental design as it is not just elements to fill up empty spaces but significant elements which tell stories of their own.

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