Artwork Title: Frog

Frog is a short animation I produced to put into practice what I had learnt from the 12 Principles of Animation in Animation 1. I explore squash and stretch heavily throughout this short animation as I visualised the frog's belly as a stretchy ball. I also incorporated sound elements heavily into the early stages of the animation such as the animatic. I relied on sound layering due to its ability to immerse the viewer further within the scene as both sound and animation play a part in successfully creating a scene.

frog artwork
frog artwork

Artwork Title: 6795...

The theme “Unconscious Dreams” is limitless in imagination, so it was a bit difficult to know where to start since there were so many different directions I could’ve pursued. As I further broke down the phrase, I decided to work with the idea of existing without realising. I feel that this idea represents a shared human experience where we start to get into the habit of a mundane routine and slowly begin to lose sight of our aspirations due to comfort. Thus the reason why I chose to depict this theme through a short cooking sequence as it is commonly representative of a morning routine.

"6795...", artwork by Neil Saini

Hi, my name is Neil Saini. I am currently in my first year at UNSW and am studying a bachelor’s degree in Media Arts. Since I was in Primary School, I always had a passion for art. This passion could be seen in the fact that I have always been drawing in one way or another whether it was in an art book or on the back of a test paper. Overtime I have developed a strong intertest in film making and animation and fortunately I’ve had the pleasure of putting my ideas and passion into practice through the works which you will see during the exhibition.


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