Project description

This project aims to achieve an effective merge between 3D indoor and outdoor data. Recent advances in technology allow for a quick collection of 3D data and reconstruction of 3D realistic models. But the assessment of different 3D data collection methods for indoor modelling and the indoor/outdoor data integration was not a primary focus for many researchers. For this project, the 3D indoor data collection was undertaken by three different scanners such as Leica C5, Leica BLK360 and GeoSlam Zeb-Revo in combination with a GoPro camera. Thus, 3D data collected refer to point cloud and coloured images for all three methods. The goal is to evaluate their performance in several aspects to understand their usability for 3D indoor modelling. The considered aspects cover areas related to required scanning time, achieved indoor coverage and scanning accuracy. The outdoor scanning involved using a UAV conducting both photogrammetry and LiDAR scanning. The 3D outdoor scans were used for georeferencing of the indoor scans in one 3D model. Afterwards, the integration between models was performed creating a 3D reality model.


  • Assessment of different 3D data collection methods for reconstruction of indoor environments.
  • Integrated 3D indoor/outdoor reality model.

Project participants

Participant’s details Organisation Responsibility
Prof. Sisi Zlatanova UNSW, Built Environment, GRID Project coordinator
Brian Nicholls AAM Advisory 3D modelling
Dr Craig Roberts UNSW, Civil Engineering 3D data collection
Mitko Aleksandrov UNSW, Built Environment, GRID 3D data collection and processing
Jinjin Yan UNSW, Built Environment, GRID 3D data collection

Contact person

Jack Barton (