Bachelor of Information Systems Admission Scheme (BISAS)


We know that things don’t always go to plan, so if you receive an ATAR between 80.00 and 89.95 and want to study at UNSW, apply for the Bachelor of Information Systems Admission Scheme (BISAS). This is an alternative pathway for students who want to study at UNSW but don’t meet the Guaranteed Entry Rank (GE) of 90.00.

Have you completed Year 12 and are looking to commence your Information Systems Degree at UNSW in T2 2021?

It's simple to apply.

Step 1

Apply for UNSW's Bachelor of Information Systems through the Universities Admissions Centre (UAC) – UAC code 424500.

Step 2

Submit written responses to four questions in the ‘personal statement’ section.

The personal statement section which will ask you:

  • why you would like to be an Information Systems Graduate
  • what is it that attracts you to Information Systems at UNSW, and in particular, what courses in the Bachelor of Information Systems degree interest you
  • what relevant experience you have had, for example use of digital technologies and social media, computer programming, app building, part-time job, work experience
  • to add anything else that’s not covered in the responses above

You only need to submit one application for BISAS. You will be able to navigate backwards and forwards through the submission as you complete. It will automatically take you to where you left off up until you click submit.

Step 3

Attach your year 12 school report & HSC results.

Step 4

Upload a short video demonstrating how and why you are suited to Information Systems studies.

Your video (maximum 5 minutes) is your chance to tell us all about your motivation and passion to study Information Systems.

Some questions to consider when creating your video:

  • Why are you keen to study Information Systems?
  • How did you become interested in technology?
  • Why do you think you’ll be a successful information systems graduate?
  • What have you done recently to explore your interest in technology?

You can also talk about:

  • Any technology projects you’ve recently been a part of
  • Types of technology subjects you were passionate about in high school and why
  • Types of information systems courses you’re interested in and why

Overall, we want to get a really clear sense of why you are passionate about studying Information Systems at UNSW.


The video can be any length up to a maximum of five minutes. You should not feel like you need to fill the entire five minutes.


Your video does not need to be high production quality! We are assessing the content, not your video editing skills so we only require that it be of a sufficient quality so that we can adequately view and hear the presentation. Videos will need to be 100mb or less in order to be submitted. If your video file is larger than this you can compress it saving it as a lower quality file, save it in a more efficient file format, and/or downsize it using e.g., an open source software for video conversions, or by compressing your video into a zip file (Windows instructions hereMac instructions here).

Just remember, an application for the Bachelor of Information Systems Admission Scheme is not an application to Information Systems at UNSW. You will still need to complete a UAC application by the due date. If you need more information on applying for admission to UNSW, visit the Universities Admissions Centre Universities Admissions Centre.

BISAS is only available for domestic applicants who apply via UAC.

Applications for T2 entry close on Wednesday 19th May 2021


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