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Meet the minds shaping tomorrow at the School of Systems & Computing.

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School Executive

Deputy Head of School - Education Erandi Hene Kankanamge
Deputy Head of School - Education
Daryl Essam headshot
Deputy Head of School – Research
Director - Capability Systems Centre Sondoss El Sawah
Director - Capability Systems Centre
School Executive Member at Large Hasan Turan
School Executive Member at Large

Research Coordinators

Postgraduate Coordinator (Research) Saber Elsayed
Postgraduate Coordinator (Research)
Research Communication Coordinator Sayed Amir Hoseini
Research Communication Coordinator
Research Students Admissions Coordinator Jo Plested
Research Students Admissions Coordinator

Administration Coordinators

Academics and Visitors

Senior Lecturer - Sys Eng and Project Mgt Ripon Chakrabortty
Senior Lecturer - Sys Eng and Project Mgt
Senior Research Associate Ismail Ali
Senior Research Associate
Senior Research Associate (Modelling) Dilini Samarasinghe Widana Arachchige
Senior Research Associate (Modelling)
Research Associate Jing Liu
Research Associate

HDR Students

Name Email Field of Research
Zhongju Wang zhongju.wang@unsw.edu.au Machine learning, deep learning, time series forecasting, anomaly detection
Md Mizanur Rahman md_mizanur.rahman@unsw.edu.au Network and Systems Security, Human Computer Interaction, Privacy and Security, and Machine Learning.
Wasura Wattearachchi w.wattearachchi@unsw.edu.au Swarming, Human-Swarm Teaming, and Situation Awareness in Dynamic Environments
Mani Bakhshi Sasi m.bakhshi_sasi@unsw.edu.au Computer Science, Data Science, Supply Chan Management, Algorithm and Optimization, Disruption and uncertainty
Daoheng Zhang alan.zhang1@unsw.edu.au Robust Optimization and Its applications into Supply chain planning
Mohammad Mogharen Askarin m.mogharen_askarin@unsw.edu.au Pattern Recognition
YIFAN XIN yifan.xin@unsw.edu.au Operations Research and Optimization, Artificial Intelligence, Sustainable Supply Chains, Carbon Neutrality
Mahmuda  Akter  z5292850@ad.unsw.edu.au Edge Intelligent based privacy protection
Wael Eid Fathi Issa w.issa@unsw.edu.au Computer Science & Cyber Security
Ahmed Reda Mostafa Aldysty a.aldysty@unsw.edu.au CyberSecurity
Hania mohamed hanya.mohamed@unsw.edu.au Cyber security 
Misbah Khan misbah.khan@unsw.edu.au Blockchain-Computer Science 
Anupama Arukgoda a.arukgoda@unsw.edu.au Multi-Agent Systems, Explainable AI
Tanvir Islam tanvir.islam@unsw.edu.au Machine Learning models for Energy demand forecasting
Muhammad Muhsin m.muhsin@unsw.edu.au Socio-Environmental Systems Modelling
Reda Mohamed Mohamed Ghanem reda.ghanem@unsw.edu.au Artificial intelligence
Yomna Mohamed Mokhtar Ibrahim y.ibrahim@unsw.edu.au Cybersecurity 
Md Imran Hossain md_imran.hossain@unsw.edu.au Cybersecurity (Blockchain in UAV Networks)
Abu Hashan Md Mashud a.mashud@unsw.edu.au Supply chain management
Amin Zakhirehkar Sahih a.zakhirehkar_sahih@unsw.edu.au Decentralized renewable energy trading
Syed Shahzad s.shahzad@unsw.edu.au Cybersecurity Engineering
Alexandros Karatopouzis a.karatopouzis@unsw.edu.au Systems Engineering
Zhanzhongyu GAO z5413488@ad.unsw.edu.au System Engineering (Change point Detection)
Setyo Tri Windras Mara s.windras_mara@unsw.edu.au Operations Research, Combinatorial Optimization, Transportation Science
Mohammed Tanvir Masud mohammed_tanvir.masud@unsw.edu.au Cybersecurity, Cyber Resilience, Explainable Artificial Intelligence
Sayem Ahmed sayem.ahmed@unsw.edu.au Supply Chain Integrated Production-Distribution Scheduling
Hassan Wasswa h.wasswa@unsw.edu.au Pattern Recognition
Uzzam Javed uzzam.javed@unsw.edu.au Software defined and programmable wireless networks; Cyber security; Wireless Spectrum Sharing