In an increasingly competitive business environment, there's a need to structure, combine and leverage internal and external resources to create value for stakeholders and maximise competitive advantage. Capability management balances the sustainable use of these resources and the development of future capabilities with current operational requirements to meet strategic business objectives.  

Degree type

Postgraduate coursework


1 year full-time

Commencing terms

Semester 1, Semester 2

Program code


Delivery mode



The Master of Capability Management at UNSW Canberra is for students who wish to gain a more detailed understanding of the managerial and technical skills and expertise relevant to planning and acquisition of complex technology and systems. 

This program provides you with a high level of understanding of the issues associated with the development and management of capability and capability systems. You'll explore the technical and management factors that influence the design, performance, employability, logistic supportability and technical integrity of materiel systems to achieve capability requirements. 

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For more information on this degree, see the UNSW Handbook.

  • Students undertaking Master of Capability Management need to complete 48 Units of Credit (UOC) by completing eight 6-UOC courses from the list in the Handbook entry for the program (see the list in Course Availability below). 

    Students must also complete three core courses and five elective courses. Not all elective courses will be available in a particular year. 

    The courses in the program may be taken in any order, but it's recommended that the three core courses are completed first, followed by the five elective courses. 

    With the approval of the Program Coordinator, students may take up to two elective courses (12 UOC) from other coursework programs. 

  • Please note: Program rules are subject to change. Students need to follow the program rules set out in the UNSW Handbook of the current year of their admission into the program.   

    Core courses

    Code Course Semester 1 - 2023 Semester 2 - 2023
    ZBUS8147 Business of Managing Projects Distance Mode Distance Mode
    ZBUS8302 Logistics Management  Distance Mode Not Offered
    ZEIT8226 Systems Engineering Practice Distance Mode Not Offered
    ZEIT8230 Requirements Practice Distance Mode

    Distance Mode


    Elective courses

    Code Course Semester 1 - 2023 Semester 2 - 2023
    ZBUS8101 Strategic Management Distance Mode Distance Mode
    ZBUS8105 Finance and Investment Appraisal Not Offered Distance Mode
    ZBUS8203 Change Management  Distance Mode Not Offered
    ZBUS8303 Strategic Procurement and Outsourcing Distance Mode Not Offered
    ZBUS8310 Commercial Skills in the Public Sector

    Not Offered

    Not Offered
    ZBUS8911 Asset Management  Not Offered Distance Mode
    ZBUS8913 Leadership, Change and Innovation  Not Offered Not Offered
    ZEIT8015 Cyber Operations Not Offered Not Offered
    ZEIT8031 Reliability Engineering Fundamentals Distance Mode Not Offered
    ZEIT8136 Software Project Management Distance Mode  Not Offered
    ZEIT8152 Reliability Program Management Distance Mode Not Offered
    ZEIT8231 Test and Evaluation Distance Mode Not Offered
    ZEIT8302 Project Administration  Not Offered Distance Mode
    ZEIT8303 Project Management Body of Knowledge Distance Mode Distance Mode
    ZEIT8402 Evidence-based Decision Making Distance Mode Not Offered
    ZEIT8403 Capability Option Analysis Not Offered Distance Mode
    ZEIT8404 Decision Making Analytics  Distance Mode Not Offered
    ZEIT8412 Simulation  Not Offered Distance Mode
    ZEIT8413 Simulation Applications Distance Mode  Not Offered
  • For information regarding entry requirements, please refer to the online handbook.

Key contacts

Program Coordinator
Mr Charles Hoke

Student Enquiries
T: +61 2 5114 5000