Our success is the result of the enormous hard work, dedication and talents of our staff and students over the years. We continue to develop industry engagements that transform the way we collaborate with commercial partners and create innovate graduates and globally focused leaders.

The journey continues with new challenges and new solutions and we want to hear all about the paths you’ve taken.


As UNSW Civil and Environmental Engineering alumni, you’ll always be part of the university’s global engineering community. Learn about alumni benefits and services and how our graduates continue to carve out remarkable careers that affect real change in the world.

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There are many ways to engage with our extensive expertise at UNSW Civil and Environmental Engineering. Explore how we’re connected to the local and global engineering community with our approach to industry engagement, and discover how you can be a part of the next wave of change. 

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By giving to a specific cause at UNSW, you create change where it means the most to you. From enabling high-end research to advancing the student experience, your donation can make a difference and help us achieve remarkable things.

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Our school is home to many one-of-a-kind lab facilities where some of the best silicon solar cells in the world have been devised, and manufacturing techniques revolutionised. Cell efficiency records are frequently broken in our labs and our cutting-edge research continues to shape the energy technologies of the future.  If there’s an area of our work you would like to know more about, you can connect with an academic or commission further research. 

We produce some of the world’s top engineers and we also develop innovative products and systems that challenge the way things are done. Explore our industry partnerships and read about our most recent achievements.

UNSW Engineering students are required to undertake 60 days of industrial training. This is a great opportunity for employers to engage with potential future employees and to mentor the next generation of engineers.