Mahshid Farzanehsa

Research Associate

Dr. Mahshid Farzanehsa is a Research Associate in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering's Water Research Centre (WRC) working in water quality lab with Prof, Stuart Khan on water reclamation using Advanced Oxidation Processes. Before joining Prof Khan’s group, she received the Endeavour Postdoctoral Research Award from the federal government of Australia to complete a research fellowship at University of British Columbia Environmental Systems Engineering group, working with Professor Pierre Berube on a novel ion exchange water treatment technology to provide clean water to remote communities. Mahshid received her Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from the University of Tehran. While working as a process engineer in the industry, she also pursued a Master of Science in Chemical Engineering with a research thesis focusing on CFD modelling of bio-reactor bubble columns. She has extensive industrial work experience in various fields of process and piping design. Mahshid completed her PhD on ultrafiltration of wastewaters and membrane technology at the University of Sydney School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, in 2018.  

  • Endeavour Research Fellowship- 2018

  • Australian Research Council (ARC) scholarship for postgraduate students- 2014-2018

  • Postgraduate Research Support Scheme- Research Travel Award- 2017

  • Postgraduate Research Support Scheme- Research Travel Award- 2016

  • Principles and Practice of University Teaching and Learning Award- Teaching Award- 2016

Teaching Assistant, University of New South Wales, Sydney,2020     

   -Environmental Principles and Systems (CVEN1701)

Teaching Assistant, University of Sydney, 2015-2018                                               

   -Sustainable Design, Engineering and Management (ENGG5202)

   -Industrial Systems and Sustainability (CHNG 2805)

   -Chemical/Biological Process Design (CHNG3803)

Semnan University, 2006-2009 

   -Fluid Mechanics, Heat Transfer, Mathematics, Numerical Methods