Sarah Grundy


Dr Grundy's research focus in in engineering education and current trends in industry. Her passion includes sustainable manufacturing and design from raw materials to process and product improvement and/or development.

After completing her PhD in Chemical Engineering from UNSW (2004), Dr Grundy joined a global building manufacturing company and became a Senior Technical Leader within the Research and Development division of the company. After 15 years in industry, Dr Grundy is at UNSW as an Education Focussed academic, predominantly responsible for Engineering design courses.


  • FOOD1130 Sustainable Food Product Manufacturing
  • CEIC1000 Sustainable Product Engineering and Design
  • CEIC3001 Advanced Thermodynamics and Separation
  • CEIC3004 Process Equipment Design
  • CEIC3005 Process Plant Design
  • CEIC3007 Chemical Engineering Laboratory B
  • CEIC4001 Design Project