Annika Ferry Award

Annika pictured on one of her travel adventures overseas

In memory of our much loved late student, Annika Ferry, SPREE has established a dedicated annual prize in her honor. The Anika Ferry Award is given to a final year undergraduate SPREE student who has demonstrated a passion and enthusiasm for renewable energy, in the indomitable spirit of its namesake.

2021’s winner was Caroline Edwards

2022's winner was Storm Drury.

Annika was driven in her studies with us by her desire to affect positive change in the world through a commitment to working on the next generation of renewable energy technologies that will make the planet a more resilient and sustainable place for all of us. We know that her memory will inspire other young engineers to follow in her footsteps and continue that work. 

We would like to thank Annika’s family for their generous collaboration with us on this initiative. 

SPREE looks forward to considering all applicants.

    1. The prize will be worth $1000 (funded by SPREE and Faculty of Engineering, UNSW).
    2. Students in their 4th or final year of undergraduate study in SPREE can be nominated by their fellow students (including a short-written submission).
    3. All applications will be assessed by a committee which consist of three students from the student societies (RESOC and WIRE), as well as two SPREE staff consisting of Head of School SPREE, and Deputy Head of School (Education).
    4. The committee will shortlist a maximum of 5 applicants.
    5. A poll will then be held online and all SPREE staff and students are eligible to vote.
    6. The applicant who receives the most votes will be awarded the prize.
    7. Closing date: Friday 14 October 5pm

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