As the amount of renewable energy in our energy market mix continues to increase, so does the percentage of that energy that is classified as “variable renewable energy” (VRE). The variability and uncertainty of energy generation arising from VRE present certain challenges for electricity market planning and operation, including ensuring that supply can be delivered securely, reliably and with the required flexibility across different timeframes.  

Delivering reliable and low-cost electricity through the transition to a renewable energy grid will require new approaches to planning and operation, and informed market reform and policy will be required to support the development, deployment and successful integration of renewable energy and low carbon technologies. 

SPREE works with UNSW’s interdisciplinary Collaboration on Energy and Environmental Markets (CEEM) to develop data sets, modelling and analysis tools to improve planning and operation of electricity industries with high VRE, assess appropriate electricity market design and regulation for high VRE integration, and to conduct interdisciplinary policy analysis. 

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