Our work focuses on increasing the efficiency of solar cells through the use of multiple energy levels, or ‘tandem cells’. Light from the sun (solar photons) comprises a broad spectrum of colours, and therefore much potential energy conversion. Single material solar cells are limited to efficiencies of <31%, because they only collect photons with energies above their bandgap and so only utilise a single energy source. We work with new and emerging photonic nanostructures in order to increase the efficiency of solar cells through the use of multiple energy levels, which enable photons with different energies to be captured and converted into power more effectively. 

Areas of investigation currently underway include: ‘up-conversion’/’intermediate band’ cells; ‘down-conversion’/‘photon-cutting’/‘singlet-fission’ cells; ‘hot-carrier’ physics and devices, and quantum dot tandem cells. As well as Tandem solar cells on a silicon substrate; use of equivalent circuits to gain a better understanding of dynamics; and photoelectrolysis of water and synthesis of ammonia for energy storage applications. Contact us to find out more about our varied projects. 

Our people

PhD students: 

  • Abinav Sharma 
  • Sazzad Muhammad Hasnan 
  • Kai-Yuen (Kevin) Chan 
  • Milos Dubajic 
  • Muhammed Hanif 
  • Haytham Radhwi 
  • Qiyuan Wu 
  • Bharat Thapa 
  • Stefan Tabernig 

Contact us 

Find more information on all the interesting projects we’re working on and request access to our materials 

Prof. Gavin Conibeer 
E: g.conibeer@unsw.edu.au

Research partnerships

If you’re interested in becoming a postgraduate research candidate at SPREE, please connect with us. We also welcome partnerships with industry and would love to talk to you.

Julie Lui (postgraduate enquiries) 
E: j.lui@unsw.edu.au 

Bram Hoex (research partnerships) 
E: b.hoex@unsw.edu.au