UNSW School of Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy Engineering (SPREE) is the birthplace of the global solar power industry. The PERC solar cell, which today powers almost 75% of all solar panels in the world, was invented right here in Sydney in 1983 by Martin Green and his team. Currently Scientia Professor with the school, Professor Green is more than 40 years into his singular career and is one of several world-class mentors at SPREE sharing their expert knowledge with the next generation of solar and renewable energy engineers.

When you choose to study with us, you're equipping yourself with the technical skills and creative thinking strategies needed to help solve the world's shifting and dynamic energy needs as we move to a sustainable energy paradigm. What you learn at SPREE will allow you to make a meaningful and rewarding impact on the world, with a variety of career paths that will deliver job stability in our changing global economy.

You'll be surrounded by fellow students and researchers who share your passion, drive and enthusiasm. Together, you'll be devising the energy solutions of the future while helping to make the world a fairer, safer and more sustainable place.

Our school is carrying out world-leading research in solar PV within an outstanding research environment at UNSW. Our facilities are leading-edge and our teaching staff are as passionate about working with you are you are about learning with them. We're the only solar engineering degree of its kind in the world, and we're excited for you to come and join us.

Our people

Be inspired by our world-class mentors and leading experts in their field.