Dr Navid Haghdadi

Dr Navid Haghdadi

2013 – 2017 PhD (Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy Engineering) UNSW, Sydney, Australia
Thesis: Data-driven Assessment of Aggregate Distributed Photovoltaic Generation and its Impacts on Electricity Network Planning
2009 – 2012 M.Sc. (Electrical Engineering - Power Systems) The University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran
2004 – 2009 B.Sc. (Electrical Engineering - Power Systems) The University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran

Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy Engineering

Navid is a lecturer with Collaboration on Energy and Environmental Markets (CEEM) and in the School of Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy Engineering. He focuses on data analysis and pattern recognition methods to investigate the technical and economic impacts of renewable energy (particularly Photovoltaic) on the electricity network as well as the design and assessment of cost-reflective electricity networks tariffs. Navid has a PhD in Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy Engineering from UNSW, and a M.Sc. (Electrical Engineering, Power Systems), and B.Sc. (Electrical Engineering) from University of Tehran, Iran. 

3rd Floor, Tyree Energy Technologies Building (G15)
  • Conference Papers | 2020
    Haghdadi N; Macgill I; Gorman N; Passey R; Bruce A, 2020, 'An open source tool for analyzing the impact of electricity network and retail tariffs on consumers', in IEEE Power and Energy Society General Meeting, http://dx.doi.org/10.1109/PESGM41954.2020.9281742

- N. Haghdadi, A. Bruce, I. MacGill, and R. Passey, RG189370, “An expanded open source modelling tool for assessing how different network and retail tariffs, and distributed energy options, impact on small energy consumers“, 2018
- N. Haghdadi, I. MacGill, RG181091, “Grid integration modelling project”, 2018
- A. Bruce, J. Bilbao, J. Copper, N. Haghdadi, I. MacGill, R. Passey, M. Roberts, and A. Sproul, RG180709, “Energy data for smart decision making”, 2018
- J. Bilbao, A. Bruce, N. Haghdadi, I. MacGill, R. Passey, and P. Xu, RG183035, “Financial assessment tool to assist large energy consumers with energy contracting and clean energy options including local as well as off-site renewables.”, 2018

- Data-driven analysis of distributed PV systems
- Cost reflective network and retail tariff design and analysis
- Capacity expansion modelling for the electricity network
- Financial assessment of distributed PV systems 
- Supervision of HDR and Masters coursework students, and research assistants