Renewable energy engineering is a very broad field, which encompasses a rich spectrum of renewable energy technologies currently being developed: from micro-hydro systems to mega-scale wind energy and solar thermal projects, to installation, grid optimisation and usage data analytics. Solar photovoltaics, solar thermal, tides, wind and biomass energies are all available to be investigated and optimized for application in all parts of the world.

Career Opportunities

A degree in renewable energy engineering will equip you with a wide suite of skills and gives you the option to explore study in several dynamic areas of research and development in wind, tide, biomass and other areas of sustainable energy that are rapidly growing in adoption.

Prospective employers for renewable energy engineers include energy utilities companies like AGL and Infigen, the Australian Electrical Market Organisation (AEMO); engineering companies such as AECOM and renewable energy companies like Pacific Hydro and Tesla. As well as consulting roles, government policy, diverse start-up investment opportunities as well as devices R&D and large-scale infrastructure planning.