We’re the world's leading solar & renewable energy research school. SPREE research projects are supported by $67 million in external funding for 2019-20, with $8.2 million in industry partnerships.

With funding from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA), our research initiatives continue to deliver world records in photovoltaic cell efficiencies year-on-year, and in over 40 years of innovation. Our award-winning researchers are working at the leading-edge of the materials sciences, in collaborations with our institutional partners both across Australia and overseas.

Get to know our people and their ground-breaking work in solar PV and renewable energy by exploring our current research groups, their projects and world-class lab facilities. You can also search our staff members to find the right supervisor for you.

Learn about the areas of solar power and renewable energy research that we have under exploration and connect with our world-leading researchers. Prospective higher research degree students are invited to contact researchers directly with queries about joining our record-breaking teams at SPREE. Commission or fund our ongoing research through a partnership with us.

The Australian Centre of Advanced Photovoltaics (ACAP) is led by our School. ACAP is generously funded by the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) and fosters collaboration between our partner institutions. The work at ACAP is putting Australia at the forefront of the global renewable energy transition.

Our Research Degrees

We offer comprehensive pathways into a research career in solar and renewables. Explore our postgraduate research degrees and take your study to the next level.

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Our People

Meet our leadership team or connect with a lecturer, supervisor, professor, research associate and more using our search tool. Contact our Communications Officer to submit all media inquiries.

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