Perovskite solar cells present opportunities to achieve next-generation high efficiency and low-cost solar PV devices, with their efficiency rate rapidly rising from below 4% to over 25% in only a decade. Perovskites provide the potential for remarkable cost-reduction through solution-based and low-temperature fabrication. 

The commercialization of perovskite solar cells is grappling with concerns about their durability. Our group focus on tackling the critical stability issues of perovskite solar cells through the development of novel precursor solution engineering and surface passivation technologies. Our cutting-edge characterization techniques can provide insight into the degradation mechanism, therefore accelerating the development of stability improvement strategies. Further, our research covers the development of perovskite top cells for silicon-based tandem cells, single crystalline perovskite solar cells, and the encapsulation for perovskite solar PV devices. 

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