Master of Engineering Science (Geotechnical Engineering & Engineering Geology)

About Master of Engineering Science (Geotechnical Engineering & Engineering Geology)

The Master of Engineering Science in Geotechnical Engineering and Engineering Geology is a 2-year full-time postgraduate degree at Australia’s leading engineering faculty. The degree was developed to provide a deeper understanding of geotechnical theory to solve practical problems in areas including soil mechanics, rock mechanics, slope stability, foundation design, earthworks and dam engineering.

This degree is designed for students who already have a four-year accredited engineering degree and want to broaden their job prospects through cross-training, re-training or specialisation. This postgraduate degree will allow you to meet or maintain professional accreditation standards and provide opportunities for continuing professional development.

You’ll work on a complex, open-ended enquiry-based project to develop your systematic approach to a problem. It will require project planning and the ability to analyse, interpret and communicate results proficiently. The completion of the research provides a pathway towards postgraduate research degrees through the development and demonstration of enquiry-based skills.

If you want to expand your career options in Geotechnical Engineering and Engineering Geology or move your existing engineering career in a new direction, the Master of Engineering Science will provide you with advanced skills and knowledge that you can apply to your professional engineering career.

Why Study Master of Engineering Science (Geotechnical Engineering & Engineering Geology)

UNSW Engineering is Australia’s largest and top-ranking engineering faculty. The Master of Engineering Science in Geotechnical Engineering and Engineering Geology is delivered through UNSW’s School of Civil and Environmental Engineering. The school is consistently ranked in the world's top 20. We’re internationally placed by AWRU and QS World University Rankings as the leading School of its kind in Australia and as one of the world’s top 20.

  • We offer a constantly expanding network of engineering industry contacts and partnerships
  • We’re leaders in research and teaching excellence both locally and internationally
  • We’re the leading Civil and Environmental Engineering School in Australia; globally ranked 12th by QS Rankings, and 10th by AWRU
  • Each year our researchers work with over 100 industry and government organisations on industry and community related projects
  • Our Alumni are consistently high contributors to Engineers Australia’s Top 100 list of Most Influential Engineers
  • Our academic staff are recognised world leaders in their fields of expertise

Your Career Opportunities

A degree from UNSW Engineering offers local and international students the very best in training. It is highly regarded by employers and opens doors to local and global career opportunities. A career in Geotechnical Engineering will include planning, directing and conducting survey work to analyse the predicted behaviour of soil and rock underneath proposed structures. Geotechnical Engineers also design above and below ground foundations for these structures.

Geotechnical Engineers also work in drilling wells, constructing production and storage facilities, transporting petroleum products and examining ground water flow. This career has countless possibilities, from marine operations, to floating ice platforms in the Arctic, to mining operations across the world.

What Our Graduates Say

"Although the subject matter is very complex, the lecturers and tutors are extremely helpful and willing to tailor lectures to individual classes to meet the different interests and situations."

Ajay Raj Adhikari, International Student in Master of Engineering Science (Geotechnical Engineering and Engineering Geology)