Master of Engineering Science (Robotics)

About Master of Engineering Science (Robotics) 

UNSW Master of Engineering Science (Robotics) is a 2-year full-time postgraduate degree for students wanting to explore and specialise in the growing field of Robotics and automation. The degree is designed for students with a background in engineering and a recognised undergraduate degree to provide a foundation for continued learning.  

The Master of Robotics offers unique opportunities to combine a range of essential elements from a number of disciplines to develop modern day robotics and autonomous systems – and change the world for the better. In this degree you’ll develop the knowledge, tools and strategies to design and develop state-of-the art-robotic systems that answer human challenges. 

You’ll be able to develop and expand your knowledge and skills in your current area of expertise and meet or maintain professional accreditation standards. Postgraduate study also opens the door to increased professional opportunities and greater involvement in the research sphere of this specialisation. 
This degree offers core disciplinary knowledge, advanced disciplinary knowledge and an advanced research component in the field of Robotics. It’s a comprehensive postgraduate study option for professional Mechanical/Electrical engineers or Computer Scientists wishing to upgrade their skills or extend their knowledge. 

Why Study Master of Engineering Science (Robotics) 

Advance your knowledge in Robotics with a degree from Australia’s top-ranking Engineering faculty. You’ll study at UNSW’s School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, ranked #1 in Australia and 45th in the world in the Shanghai Ranking's Global Ranking of Academic Subjects. We’re the only Australian university ranked in the top 50.  

We produce internationally acclaimed research, working closely with industry to provide innovative solutions to the sector. We’re leaders in research into Robotics and Autonomous Systems. Working with state-of-the-art sensors, we apply complex theories to the development of next generation robotic systems and autonomous vehicles. Due to recent investment, we’re now home to many cutting-edge laboratory facilities which are unique nationally.     

There’s a range of benefits from studying with us:   

  • Our staff are experts in their field in Australia and across the world  
  • We have expertise in a diverse set of Mechanical Engineering disciplines including aerospace, mechanical, advanced manufacturing, mechatronic and robotics   
  • Cutting-edge laboratory facilities including a robotics laboratory, energy storage laboratory, solar thermal energy laboratory and nuclear energy laboratory   
  • Our School is a research powerhouse for Mechanical Engineering with strengths in Energy Conversion and Storage, Engineered Medical Solutions and Robotics and Autonomous Systems   
  • Partnerships with industry-leaders such as Australia Advanced Aerospace Technology, Delta V – Fusion Power Systems, Hyundai NGV, The Boeing Company and Xinjang GoldwindScience & Technology   

Leverage our Research Groups for Hands-On Learning 

 UNSW Engineering is home to UNSW Robotics and Autonomous Systems. This research group conducts internationally recognised research into the design and analysis of robotic systems, combining core knowledge from control engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and computer science. We work across a range of projects drawing on our academic staff and research students’ expertise with plenty of opportunities to get involved with our work.  

In Robotics and Autonomous Systems, we research and develop methodologies to be used in achieving persistent autonomous operation of aerial and ground vehicles. Our projects include work in: 

  • Field Robotics 
  • Medical Robotics: Precision Robotics: Space Robotics 
  • Control Systems 
  • Autonomous Urban Transportation Systems 
  • Agricultural Robotics 

Your Career Opportunities    

This new degree at UNSW offers a range of professional opportunities in the growing field of Robotics upon graduation. As organisations and engineers find new and unique ways to apply robotics to existing and emerging fields the types of roles you can pursue abound.  

With a degree in Robotics Engineering from UNSW you could pursue roles including a Robotics Engineer, Project Engineer and Systems Engineer to just scratch the surface. Many jobs in this field are yet to be imagined.  

Pursue a range of careers in industries and sectors, including:   

  • Automation  
  • Robotics  
  • Engineering Design   
  • Propulsion Systems  
  • Control Systems  
  • Technology