Master of Engineering Science (Systems & Control)

 About Master of Engineering Science (Systems and Control)

The Master of Engineering Science (Systems and Control) is a 2-year full-time postgraduate degree at Australia’s leading engineering faculty designed for students with an existing four-year engineering qualification. Systems and control is one of many unique engineering specialisations offered within the Master of Engineering Science to deepen your knowledge of your chosen engineering discipline. Overlapping with Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, with the growth of automated systems, systems and control engineers are increasingly in demand.

Exciting and practical, this degree features complex, open-ended enquiry-based projects as well as many other opportunities to help you become a leader in your field. As a Control Systems Engineer your work will include designing, developing and implementing solutions used to control dynamic systems. With these systems everchanging, the role of the Control Systems Engineer is to offer consistency in these systems to achieve a certain outcome.

If you have a recognised four-year engineering degree this degree is the perfect next step to sharpen your expertise and take your career in the direction you’d like. Designed for students interested in developing job prospects through specialisation, retraining or cross-training - you’ll have the flexibility to specialise in Systems and Control or broaden your knowledge in other areas of engineering.

Systems and control is a wide and varied area of engineering. Systems and control engineers work in the development of anti-lock braking systems in cars, simple household washing machines and high-performance F-16 fighter aircraft. This degree will offer you the specialised knowledge to use your skills across a broad range of areas, creating more predictable and controlled solutions to dynamic systems and the human problems they arose from.  

Why Study Master of Engineering Science (Systems and Control)

Intersecting with the fields of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, you’ll study through the School of Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications where you’ll benefit from cross-disciplinary discourse and discussion. UNSW School of Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications is the largest school of its kind in Australia. According to the latest 2019 QS World University Rankings, we’re part of the top Engineering faculty in Australia and #38 in the world.  

Our academic, professional and technical staff are internationally renowned experts in their fields. For the past three years, we’ve received a five-star rating for employability, teaching and research. 

The benefits of studying with the School of Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications at UNSW are vast and include:    

  • Strong partnerships with industry in education, research, training and employment 
  • Innovative teaching is recognised by high student experience scores and many teaching awards  
  • We offer the widest range of specialised elective courses and honours thesis/masters project topics nationally 
  • $104 million investment into cutting-edge laboratories that are nationally unique and allow students to put their learning to the test 
  • A range of specialised Electrical Engineering facilities, including computer laboratories, the Signal Procession and Systems Laboratory, the Hardware Design Project Laboratory and the High Voltage Laboratory

Your Career Opportunities  

The career opportunities for control engineers are broad and exciting.  Control engineers often pursue roles technical management where they lead interdisciplinary projects. Job opportunities include:

  • Appliance brands such as Electrolux
  • Automobile companies such as Toyota
  • Aerospace companies such as Fleetspace
  • Australian Defence Force
  • Government Agencies

When you graduate you could work in roles improving appliances used in everyday lives to working on cars or even aerospace technologies. With the broad capabilities you’ll develop in this degree, your career opportunities are only limited to your imagination.