Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Computer)

About Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Computer Engineering) at UNSW 

The UNSW  Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Computer) is a four-year, full-time degree designed for students who want to pursue a career in computer engineering. Computer engineering is a leading source of innovation and development of new technologies that impact the world. Computer Engineers push the boundaries of computing capabilities in industries ranging from green energy to technology, healthcare and finance.  

Computer Engineers bridge the gap between computer hardware and software. A key educational focus in this degree is the structure and integrated design of hardware and software components within computer systems. Computer Engineers don’t just work with personal computer systems, such as desktops and laptops but also embedded systems for gaming, vehicles and PDAs. This also extends to supercomputers as used in climate modelling and gene analysis and prosthetic systems such as ocular implants. 

This degree provides foundational knowledge in:  

  • Programming 
  • Computer Systems 
  • Software Engineering 
  • Electrical and Telecommunications 
  • Engineering Design  

During your study, you’ll combine elements of electrical engineering with computer science methods and learn how to develop specialised computer systems. Your study encompases embedded systems for vehicles and operating systems for consumer electronics, telecommunications, medical equipment and more. 

You’ll study scientific and mathematical principles, with courses covering software engineering fundamentals, operating systems and object-oriented programming. Taught by leading researchers in the field of Computer Science Engineering, you’ll be challenged to engineer innovative solutions required for a career as a Computer Engineer. 

Graduates from UNSW’s Computer Engineering degrees are highly employable, thanks to our strong external partnerships and extensive international alumni networks. This includes valuable industry experience with small startups to large companies such as Accenture and the Australian Government Department of Defence. 

Why Study Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Computer Engineering) at UNSW  

When you study a Bachelor of Engineering at UNSW you’ll be studying at Australia’s leading Engineering faculty. The 2020 QS World University Rankings acknowledged UNSW as the top Engineering faculty in Australia and #37 in the world. For the past four years, we’ve received a five-star rating for employability, teaching and research.  

The School of Computer Science and Engineering has a strong focus on research, with our world-class research facilities and programs feeding leading-edge discoveries straight into our degrees. Our research culture provides an intellectually rigorous education where you’ll question, test, learn and experiment, making new discoveries along the way. 

  • UNSW School of Computer Science and Engineering’s research is internationally recognised with 1st CSRankings in Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, Databases, Embedded & Real-Time Systems and Operating Systems 
  • We have a five-star rating for employability, helping to guarantee your future upon graduation 
  • Many lecturers within the School are world-renowned researchers in their field 
  • Our School is rated five stars by the Australian Research Council for the research field of Information and Computing Sciences 
  • We leverage our strong industry ties to improve our research, teaching and students’ learning.  
  • Our industry partners include leading companies such as Atlassian, Commbank, Google, Honeywell, Microsoft and WiseTech Global. 

Gain Practical Training & Accreditation   

This undergraduate degree is globally recognised and accredited by Engineers Australia and the Australian Computer Society. Part of your study involves applying your skills through 60 days of approved industrial training in Australia or overseas. Your industrial training will give you a taste of a real-world professional engineering setting and the hands-on experience to become career ready.

Your Career Opportunities  

As a Computer Engineer, you’ll plan, develop, manage and optimise computer networks and hardware systems. This includes the hardware components that make up computer systems, as well as the software used to control and apply them. Your career won’t just be limited to work in IT-specific industries, there are opportunities to work in a broad range of industries and in a variety of organisations. 

Computer Engineers can work in many different fields such as robotics, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, mobile apps and operating systems. With adequate experience and start-up capabilities, graduates can go on to start their own companies.  

Graduates can pursue careers in a range of sectors including: 

  • Telecommunications 
  • Mining
  • Agriculture
  • Finance
  • Transport
  • Defence
  • Aerospace
  • Research

What Our Graduates Say  

“I always say that my Computer Science degree taught me how to learn. I was quite timid and scared of breaking things when I first learned how to program, and it hindered my ability to tinker around and figure things out. I now know that if you get comfortable with the process of learning new things, you can learn anything! “ 

Hannah Beder BSc (Computer Science) and Honours (Computer Science) 2013-2017