Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Mechatronic)

About Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Mechatronic) at UNSW

UNSW Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Mechatronic) is a four-year full-time degree in the newest area of engineering, mechatronics. Mechatronic engineers create smart machines aware of their surroundings and able to make decisions. This degree intertwines mechanical engineering, control engineering and software development, especially for controlling sophisticated smart machines.

Mechatronic engineers work across all aspects of smart machines – from design and testing through to manufacture in industries such as robotics, medical and assistive technology, human-machine interaction, manufacturing, unmanned aerial and ground vehicles and education.

Through your study at UNSW Engineering, you’ll develop hybrid skills in mechanics, electronics and computing. Our students come to understand the conception, design, construction, maintenance, integration and repair of smart machines. These machines include robots, white goods, cameras, automated test equipment and transport vehicles.

This bachelor’s degree will build your knowledge in areas including building services, computer-controlled plant, manufacturing, robotics and autonomous vehicles. We emphasize the application of engineering science, development and management in these fields. We’ll balance the theory and knowledge development with your hands-on application of skills learned in your degree. To get you work-ready, you'll apply these skills through 60 days of approved industrial training.

Why Study Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)(Mechatronic) at UNSW 

We’re the largest mechanical engineering school in Australia with more than 2500 undergraduate and postgraduate students and 90 staff members. Our staff and students make significant impacts in the field of Mechatronics in Australia and around the world with numerous awards and recognitions.

With state-of-the-art facilities, world-class researchers and some of the country's brightest engineering students, we’re the best place to turn your interest in Mechatronics into a successful professional career.

  • We place strong importance on the translation of research into practice
  • Due to recent investment, we are now home to many cutting-edge laboratory facilities which are unique nationally
  • You’ll with state-of-the-art technology, we apply complex theories to the development of next-generation robotic systems and autonomous vehicles 
  • Students receive first-hand practical experience by participating in exciting and innovative student-led projects and industry-based training
  • Strong partnerships with industry in education, research, training and employment
  • A flexible first-year program consisting of a wide choice of electives and five core courses in Maths, Physics, Engineering, Design and Computing
  • $3 million in scholarships provided each year

Learn in Unparalleled Facilities

The redeveloped Ainsworth Building and Willis Annex are home to the School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering undergoing a $67 million refurbishment in 2015. Our facilities host our world-leading researchers, research projects and research centres. These state-of-the-art facilities are integral to your learning to ensure you have the hands-on skills to match your theoretical knowledge and expertise.

 Our leading-edge facilities include:

  • Mechatronics Teaching Laboratory
  • Autonomous vehicles
  • Combustion laboratory
  • Energy storage laboratory
  • Fluid dynamics and microfluidics laboratory
  • Nuclear energy laboratory
  • Optical/laser engine diagnostics laboratory
  • Robotics laboratory
  • Solar thermal energy laboratory
  • Sustainable manufacturing and life cycle engineering laboratory

Gain Professional Accreditation

The Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) degree is globally recognised and is accredited by Engineers Australia and acknowledged by the Washington Accord. Part of the degree involves applying your skills through 60 days of approved industrial training in Australia or overseas. Your industrial training will give you a taste of a real-world professional engineering setting and the hands-on experience to become career-ready. 

Industrial Training 

Your Career Opportunities

The demand for engineers with experience and knowledge of computing, robotics and engineering principles continues to grow as industries evolve. You’ll find mechatronic engineers in large global enterprises developing futuristic vehicles, challenging defence technology and revolutionising consumer products. They also work in smaller innovative ‘high tech’ companies supplying software, parts and equipment or as product developers, work in manufacturing.

As a mechatronic engineer, you can work in many industries where automation is in demand, such as manufacturing, automotive, mining, cargo handling and agriculture. Our graduates have the expertise to work in companies that design and manufacture consumer devices such as mobile phones, specialised industrial equipment, video game consoles and biomedical devices such as Cochlear implants.

Graduates can pursue careers in industries and sectors including:

  • Automation
  • Robotics
  • Computer simulations and modelling
  • Gaming
  • Engineering design
  • Propulsion systems
  • Control systems
  • Technology