Bachelor of Food Science (Honours)

About the Bachelor of Food Science (Honours) at UNSW 

The UNSW Bachelor of Food Science (Honours) is a four-year full-time degree. This degree is designed to provide you with a comprehensive background in mathematics, and natural and applied sciences that’ll set you up for a career in a variety of professions. Food scientists study the properties of food and ingredients to ensure they’re used and consumed safely. 

The four-year Food Science degree is offered in two disciplines: Food Science and Technology and Food Science and Nutrition which cover all major principles and concepts in food chemistry, food systems management, microbiology, safety , nutrition and quality assurance, product development and professional food practice. 

The Food Science and Nutrition specialisation covers all areas of human nutrition influenced by food. This program links food and nutrients, the knowledge of food and its functions, absorption and effects on humans in health and disease.   
The Food Science and Technology specialization delves into biochemistry, chemistry and physics and the technological aspects of food processing.

Bachelor of Food Science (Honours) with both specializations, is the only degree in Australia with an approved curriculum by the IFT (Institute of Food Technologists, USA). 

You’ll work with biological, chemical and physical sciences to study the properties of food and ingredients. Your study will explore the fundamentals of processing shelf-life extension of foods and preservation of food and how you can optimise the quality and safety of foods. During your degree you’ll apply yourself to food product design and enquiry projects, professional food practice, food systems management and conduct research towards your thesis project. 

Why Study the Bachelor of Food Science (Honours) at UNSW  

The Bachelor of Food Science (Honours) at UNSW Engineering is taught by the School of Chemical Engineering. The school has a major focus on working nationally and internationally to develop sustainable solutions in the energy, resources, health and food sectors. 

You’ll study in world class facilities alongside leading researchers who are also teachers and mentors. We were ranked five-stars in Food Sciences, the highest possible rating, by the ERA Research Excellence in 2019. The school has been delivering the best in research and teaching for over 65 years.  

Benefits of studying with us:  

  • Strong partnerships with industry such as Sunrice in education, research, training and employment 
  • Learn in new facilities with purpose built modern laboratories and collaborative learning spaces

Engineering a Better Future  

The UNSW School of Chemical Engineering is focused on working with national and international partners to develop sustainable chemical solutions in the energy, resources, water, food and health sectors.   

We partnered with Goodman Fielder, one of the major flour millers in Papua New Guinea (PNG), to improve public health nutrition through micronutrient-fortified wheat flour. In a collaboration between universities, private companies and governments, this research initiative is providing better food sources for vulnerable communities. 

Your Career Opportunities  

UNSW Food Science graduates are in high demand due to their high skill level, with excellent employment opportunities in the food and beverage industries, university and CSIRO research and government regulatory bodies such as FSANZ. 

Upon graduation you can pursue jobs including food technologist, laboratory manager, product quality controller, and quality assurance manager. As a food scientist or technologist you could work in laboratories, research departments, or in quality inspection and control on food processing/production lines.

What Our Graduates Say  

My greatest achievement has been the opportunity to mentor younger team members in R&D,says Tracey.I want to help future food scientists explore the latest culinary trends and think about food products in a new light. 

Tracey Stanbury, UNSW Food Science and Technology alumni