Benjamin J Bailey

Benjamin J Bailey

PhD Candidate
Arts, Design & Architecture
School of Art & Design


Supervisors: Katherine Moline, John McGhee, Maria Kavallaris

Benjamin J Bailey is a 3D artist and designer specialising in immersive virtual reality placemaking. A 3D environment Artist by training, Benjamin has worked across projects in industry, academia and the creative arts. Currently undertaking a PhD research project 'Ways of making 'Unreality': A practice-led exploration of the Tacit dimension when constructing virtual reality environments', his research explores the relationship between the processes and outputs of virtual content production, combining methods adopted from cutting edge industry practice with the unique visual and emotional aesthetic of the Australian landscape which is often neglected in the discourse of mainstream real-time 3D CGI.

  • Virtual Reality Environments
  • Real-Time Australian Landscapes
  • Design Process
  • UP/N/ROUTED, in Honey [I’m Home] exhibition, AD Space UNSW, curated by Dylan Goh, March-April 2022