Claire O’Brien

Claire O’Brien

Research Student

Bachelor of International Public Health (BIPH)

Mode of study : Online

“I decided to study International Public Health after changing track from my initial studies in Biomedical Science. I realised over time that my interest lies in the bigger picture health outcomes. I am interested in global health policy and health promotion.”

Claire aspires to one day conduct formal research in the public health academia and later hopes to be able to contribute to global health by working for an international non-governmental organization (NGO) or with the United Nations or the World Health Organization (WHO). 

What have you found the most rewarding and useful about your study at UNSW School of Population Health? 

I have found all my lecturers to be really great. They have always made the time to be available for questions, be that by videoconference, discussion forums or email. As an online student with limited engagement, I found this helpful. 

What has been the biggest learning experience from your study the School and why? 

The biggest learning experience for me was realising how much I still need to learn! Prior to this course I had very little knowledge of public health and it has been great to discover the many different disciplines within the field. I have learned so much throughout my degree from coursework and readings, but also from speaking to academics and researchers at the university. 

What impact would you like to have in population health and how will your study help achieve this? 

As this degree will be my first tertiary qualification, I am hoping it opens some new doors. I am very receptive to any opportunity that comes my way, and I am confident that my study will provide me with the background knowledge needed in my future career. 

What is next for you after you have completed your study? 

In the immediate future, I intend to step back from studying and gain work experience. I do, however, hope to continue my studies later with a postgraduate degree. 

What advice would you give those who are considering or just started out studying at the School? 

Be open to all learning opportunities and open to feedback. Learn from the course convenors and actively engage whenever possible. Also do not be afraid to ask for feedback.