Mania Alehpour

Mania Alehpour

PhD Candidate
Arts, Design & Architecture
School of the Arts & Media

Supervisors: Lukasz Swiatek, Tara McLennan

Throughout my career, I've focused on various aspects of the media and communication. I dedicated four years to working as a public relations expert and also completed another PhD in communications studies during which I spent seven months as a researcher at Lund University. Additionally, my experience includes working as a project manager at Malmo University for two international projects between Tarbiat Modares University and Malmo University. These projects spanned three years and aimed to design a digital platform to enhance the media literacy skills of Iranian teachers.

My PhD focus at UNSW is on mental health within social media, specifically investigating how Iranian adolescents use these platforms to promote their mental health.

Currently, I am working as a research assistant and a professor’s assistant, teaching my favourite subject, research methods.

  • Media and Communication
  • Children and Media
  • Mental Health in Social Media
  • Media Literacy