Nancy Talavera
Teaching Laboratory Manager Senior Technical Officer

Nancy Talavera

I am the Teaching Laboratory Manager for the School of Chemistry since 2016. I manage the daily operations of undergraduate teaching laboratories which includes three first-year laboratories, a synthetic and an analytical laboratory for 2nd and 3rd students as well as two instrument rooms. I supervise a team of six technical officers who work daily in these laboratories to organise the multiple classes, maintain equipment and instruments and ensure health and safety protocols are put in place and followed. I also support the chemistry laboratory component for UNSW Global and various Outreach activities that we offer during the year (Depth study, Nura Gili and Aspire programs, RACI titration competitions).

Prior to this role, I was a Technical Officer for the School of Chemistry UNSW and for the School of Education at UWS. I hold a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Adelaide and a Diploma of Leadership and Management. Outside of work, I enjoy scuba diving and I have travelled to many places around the world to discover the beautiful marine life. I have logged over 850 dives during the past 10 years.


Room 136, Chemical Sciences Building,


+61-2-9385 5496


Journal articles

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  • Dean of Science‘s Staff Excellence Award, 2020
  • Woman in Leadership, 2019