Naz Guler

Naz Guler

Postgraduate Research Student
Business School
School of Information Systems & Technology Management


Ms. Naz Guler is undertaking part time PhD studies while employed fulltime as General Manager, ASX. Naz has nearly 30 years’ global experience leading organisational transformation programs with expertise in portfolio and program management and large-scale agile delivery. Naz is keenly interested in the societal impact of new technologies and in particular the intersection of artificial intelligence and human decision making.

Research area

Towards an understanding of the implications of emerging technologies: A case study in Artificial Intelligence

Research will focus on the implications of AI-enabled technologies on human decision-making in organisational and management contexts with a view to understanding impacts on work practices, structures and interactions. 

Research Interests

  • Philosophy, Cognitive, Moral and Social psychology
  • Ethical reasoning
  • Decision Theory
  • Design Thinking
  • AI governance

Research Supervisors

  • Professor Dubravka Cecez-Kecmanovic
  • Professor Richard Timothy Vidgen
  • Dr Michael Cahalane